How To Deal with Social Media Tactfully

With the advancement in Internet, social media succeeded in promoting various companies brands Social Media as a network has spread its branches all over the world and it only became possible because everybody is residing with internet. Social Media as a network is not only extent to the company websites  but also to the networking sites like Yahoo, Face-book, Gmail and many more to be named.

Social Media , People And Monopoly

Today every company cannot afford for brand advertisement because of hikes occurred in daily costing.  That is why companies are moving towards social media.  Social Media as a network allow companies to promote their brands either for free or through little capital investment other than promoting brands on their own websites.  This kind of promotion has become a brahmastra to earn ransom and develop business. People as a consumer analyse the commerce to purchase any brand of products. The hikes in daily costing has made many people adroit in purchasing any kind of branded products and on other hand, studying the adroit consumers, marketers have  become more tactful to deal with the consumers through social media as social media also deals in buying and selling of branded and non-branded products like,,, etc.

We, as fans of internet are mostly awaited for the commencement of new product on the internet.  That is why we note the launch time of awaited products.  Here, let’s talk about the launch of iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 when these smart phones were avidly awaited in the market by the people while both of them hold their monopoly in the market. Both the phones were in the air of fame and the supply and demand of them bombarded the market from the very first breath of launch and now the latest update is the recent launch of Samsung Galaxy Note S3 in the internet. The market is on hike and the demand and supply of this Note S3 is on air. Let’s see whether this Note S3 can break the records of iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3?

Social Media And its Connection with Business

                            With the venture of social media, companies have dug their roots for their brands of products in the commerce. Consumers now-a-days are need and greed of those products only which are the best in quality, durability and available in moderate rates. Social media signifies as a wheel for a company to move towards success, as now-a-days the shopping from stores have become very less than shopping from e-commercial sites and that is why the shoppers are incurring loss in the market. But this is not the case with e-commerce. With the advancement in technologies the companies are able to deal with their customers. Companies have turned up with the solution of introducing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in their management system.  They also have changed their way to attract the consumers to purchase their brands. Today, whatever the scenario we come across, but we can’t neglect the fact that people with the support of social media and their techniques are earning handsome and spreading the effect of social media in daily buying products also excluding perishable products.

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